Автоматические пистолеты высокого давления ECCO Finishing
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Автоматические Пистолеты Высокого Давления

 Автоматические пистолеты высокого давления

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ECCO 380A and 380AA are automatic Airless and Air Assist spray guns, designed to fit most types of high-pressure applications in automated production lines. Valve seat and needle tip is made in tungsten carbide for long durability. Both guns can be changed in less than two minutes without any loss in mechanical precision or performance. Material circulation is provided through the manifold even when the gun is in closed position. A wide variety of spray tips are available for all types of applications, with a perfect finish of the treated surface.

• Long life time due to high mechanical precession and carefully selected materials
• Fast closing due to air and spring operated closing action
• All components in contact with fluid are in stainless steel.
• Easy access to vital parts and for easy maintenance
• Flexible mounting arrangements - single mount, side by side or twin mount (only for 380A)
• Air and fluid supply fittings in one compact manifold for optimum hose package design
• Prepared for material circulation
• Can also be delivered with air closing

ECCO 380AA, is an automatic Air Assisted spray gun, designed to fit most types of applications in automated production lines, especially wood and steel industry.

ECCO 380A is suitable for cold as well as hot industrial spraying, where high finish is required. It is available with or without nozzle fix in step of 30, 45 or 90 degrees. Sealing rings and o-rings made in FEP material for waterborne paint and UV paint, alternately sealing rings and o-rings in perflour 128 for higher demands.

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