Конвейеры для автоматизированных линий окрашивания.
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Конвейеры для автоматизированных линий окрашивания

Автоматические пистолеты низкого давления

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To give you the best finishing technology for your demand we offer three different application methods for spray painting with low pressure, suitable for different materials and demands.

  • Конвекционное распыление
  • Высокоэффективное распыление
  • HVLP (Большой Объем, Низкое Давление)

Conventional spray painting is using high velocity air jets at high pressure to create high atomization. This is suitable for painting where the result must have the best appearance quality. By using the conventional method you will reach high gloss and the best result in color and DOI (Distinction of Image). However the paint consumption is higher. Operating pressure is around 2 to 4 bars (30 to 60 psi).

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) uses more air at lower velocity to atomize the paint, compared to the conventional paint spraying. The lower air pressure creates larger paint particles, which will give you a lower finish quality. However, it creates less overspray that increases the transfer efficiency. HVLP operates at 0,7 bar (10 psi) at the air cap in order to bring 65% transfer efficiency.

High Efficiency is a combination of both of the above methods, and thus it offers you both a high quality of finish and high transfer efficiency. Here the air cap pressure is between 1,3 and 3 bars (20 to 45 psi) and we exceed 65% transfer efficiency. This is a great combination and offers best advantages of both of the above technologies.

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