Ручные пистолеты низкого давления ECCO
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Ручные Пистолеты Низкого Давления

Ручные пистолеты низкого давления

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To give you the best finishing technology for your demand we offer three different application methods. Our robust and high performance guns comes in three different versions:
•    Pressure feed
•    Suction feed
•    Gravity feed

All guns can be equipped with Conventional, HVLP and High Efficient technology. Stainless steel tips and needles for use with water based materials are standard on all guns.

The manual low pressure spray guns can be adapted according to different customers needs by various combinations of components. Fan width control can in addition to adjustable control be lockable, preset, quick- or max/min-adjustable. The gun can be used with or without control on the needle, with different sizes of connection nipples, and with different types and materials for the fluid needle, ie tungsten carbide, plastic or stainless steel.

The manual low pressure spray guns can be equipped with a replaceable strainer inside the fluid nozzle which is filtering the paint just before leaving the gun. The strainer will reduce the risk that any contamination caused by the fluid pipes or hoses reaches the surface. The main advantage is that the strainer will homogenize the paint, especially when metallic base coat is applied.

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