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Насосы низкого давления и fluid handling systems

Low pressure diaphragm pump

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Designing a good fluid-handling system requires know-how and the right equipment. At ECCO we have a selection of equipment for your fluid handling needs:

•    Pressure pots for low pressure feeding
•    Feeding pumps – diaphragm pumps or piston circulating pumps for low pressure
•    Complete preassembled feeding units for low pressure
•    Feeding pumps for high pressure application
•    Transfer pumps from one tank to another

•    Pneumatic driven stirrers

•    Pressure regulators for low and high pressure
•    Back pressure regulators

•    Heating of the material for low and high pressure

•    2K dosing system

All of our fluid handling equipment is designed for the use of water based and solvent based materials. In the design we have minimized the trapping areas for the paint so as to ensure smallest amounts inside when you flush the equipment and thus reducing the need for cleaning liquids.

Depending on your need we have various solutions and our certified distributors and we will assist you making the right choice for your system.

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